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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shoe-making, part 2

In case you were wondering after this post: I am still figuring out how to make my own boots. I thought I'd start by finding out what they're composed of. I bought some boots at the thrift shop, took out my stitch ripper and ripped one of them apart.

Well I was surprised at the amount of parts they're made of! All these little pieces and layers, and even a strip of metal. Next step would be to find out what it's all for, but after some research I decided I should start small. Boots are just a bit too complicated to start with, and if I would want to do it right I'd have to take an expensive course.

I still needed boots, so I set out to find some second hand ones. I found a great pair of vintage 80's boots on the internet. I added a small self-made part: new insoles. These boots are just a tiny bit too small, so I took out the insoles and replaced them with some thinner ones. When it comes to shoes, I find that even a few millimeters extra room can make the difference between sore toes and... well a little less sore toes.

My quest for shoe-making is not over yet. I'm still going to make shoes, I promise! To be continued...


  1. This reads like the well know saying, one must suffer for beauty.


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