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Monday, July 4, 2011

Handmade gifts for fathers

When you claim to make everything yourself, this should also apply to gifts. I think I've come to the point where I can get away with giving handmade gifts, without being embarassed. So when my father mentioned he would be getting an iPad, I thought I'd give another go at a sleeve. You can clearly see my progress in sewing compared to the last sleeve I made!
I used faux leather and some leftover fabric from my dance pants. Even the black bias tape didn't give me too much trouble. Its too bad faux leather isn't very pretty on the inside, but it's nice and sturdy and provides the needed protection.

Another handmade gift was for a friend who has just become a dad. I thought of sewing some cute baby shoes, but babies grow so fast they'll be too small in no-time. Besides, I have no clue about the size of baby feet. So I made something that will hopefully last a bit longer: a play blanket. It was my first try at quilting, and I think it turned out OK. Not perfect, but it's real hard to sew up all those squares evenly! I can see how pretty it could be, from looking at the Snug Bug's last quilt! I'd like to try again, all I need now is some more friends with babies!


  1. I really like both things :) And I loooove the colours :)homemade gifts are the best :)
    My husband got homemade gifts for his birthday yesterday and the homemade paintings from our son was by far the best :)

  2. The ipad bag is lovely and looks super professional, and the baby quilt is adorable without being twee---a very fine balance, I find. Good job! :)

  3. @Tanis-Isis - Thanks! I was indeed afraid the quilt would be twee. I think using brown prevented that.
    @Tante Gul - Thanks! Kids can get away with anything homemade - not fair!

  4. There are really lovely! To me, both look really professional :). I plan to make a baby quilt too, I´ve already cut the squares, but it takes me a while to finish anything :).

  5. they keep getting better and better, that sleeve looks very professional lisa!

    and the plaid is totally awesome of course :D

  6. That iPad cover is awesome! Now I just need an iPad...

  7. That is great if we learn to make things by ourselves than to buy everything made from bazaar.

    send gift to pakistan from USA


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