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Monday, October 24, 2011

Folded Miniskirt Nr.2

UPDATE: The sewing pattern for this skirt is available HERE!

This is my outcome of the tutorial! Hm, I wish I had taken better pictures. I miss my pretty flowered wallpaper! Our wooden cabin is great but the windows are tiny, so I have to take pics outside.

I wore this outfit (minus boots, plus allstars and legwarmers) to a Katzenjammer concert the other night. I love the effect of the double layered tights: first layer is my mustard tights, second layer is zebra print tights. Although, as someone remarked, they could also be tiger tights now. Both are fine with me! What I like less is that it already has holes in it. How do you keep your tights from tearing? Do you have a trick or do you just buy tights you like in threefold?

I don't think I have much to add about the skirt. The fabric is a much better quality than the first skirt, although my machine did not really care about that. Stef laughed at me when I said my miniskirt was warm, but it is! It is double layered and the fabric is thick. Well, you know how it is made now, and I hope you'll let me know when you've made one!


  1. You can put transparent nail varnish to stop a hole on a tight getting any bigger- and then sew it. That's what I generally do.

  2. I love your wilderness backdrop! Although I suspect it'll be getting a bit chilly before long (I know my outdoor photo season is definitely coming to an end) I love the skirt, as well, but then you already knew that. One of these days I'll find time to make my own. Hmm, I have some teal wool jersey that's like that exact same colour, too...

    I have no advice on the tights---one pair I bought (thick tights, not thin nylons) disintegrated on the second wearing last year, and I am still spitting nails over it. They weren't cheap, either. Argh!

  3. Would be awesome if you make it, I think it would look really good on you! I think I'll just have to accept the fact that tights are not made to last. I'm buying transparent nail varnish today!

  4. Nice outfit!
    i like very much the combination of layers and colors.

  5. Hairspray can stop runs from spreading.

  6. The skirt is amazing and I love that you wore it to a Katzenjammer concert! Katzenjammer are so freakin' cool!

  7. Clear nailpolish on the inside as soon as you see a hole or run seals it up nicely

  8. Love the skirt, love you and love Katzenjammer!


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