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Monday, February 20, 2012

Norwegian Sweater

Everybody in my class wanted one but only a few of us actually bought one because they're soooo expensive. So ofcourse I figured I could make one myself. I bought wool in Sogndal in a sale, there was barely enough left for a whole sweater. It's not easy to find a matching pattern for wool you already have. Then I found this pattern from Drops Design. I knitted a test square, and figured that I had exactly half the stitches of the test square mentioned for the pattern. So, I basically followed this pattern, but divided everything in half. Other alterations I made were skipping the frills at the bottom, shortening it a bit and lengthening the sleeves. It was a bit scary because I did not know if I would have enough green wool. Stef always thinks I'm crazy not to calculate these things in advance, but it sort of gives me a thrill not to know. I also think it improves your gut feeling for these kind of things. And fortunately, it worked out. I had a strand of half a yard left when I was finished.

The wool is actually fuzzier than the pic below shows. It's called Silenzio, and it's composed of 50% acrylic, 25% new wool and 25% alpaca. I'm working on rewriting the pattern to match my alterations, and will also include some alterations I would make if I were to knit this sweater again. I am really pleased with how it turned out, but I think I would make it a bit tighter in the back, and also start with less stitches on the sleeves. I can put it up here if anyone's interested!


  1. Ineke hier: Wauuuuw super gaaf Lisa!!
    Zo knap dat je dit gewoon even in elkaar breid..

  2. 'gives me a thrill not to know' hahahaha I cracked up when I read that. I'm that way sometimes (other times I'm more mindful of the last time that caused disaster...).


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