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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Knitting

I'm knitting again! It's pattern from the Ariadne summer issue of 1980. Basically a few squares with a pretty pattern. I'm using 4mm needles, the yarn is a cotton with 4% polyester, Lana Grossa Elastico. It's light and perfect for summer. I'm knitting it in black though, as you know white does not go well with my outstanding food spilling capabilities. And I'm making the sleeves 3/4 instead of long. I'm halfway through, so I have good hopes of finishing this before the summer ends!

On the train. Knitting in public, yo! Only for cool people. 

ALSO, did you know my 2nd blogoversary is coming up in a few days? I am a big fan of celebrating whenever you can, so stay tuned for some grand giveaways! Woohoo!


  1. Just found your blog for the first time. I think I'm in lurrrrrrve. Keep up the lovely work! :-D


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