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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Stash

The biannual fabric market was in town again, and I just had to go. I'm still looking for fabric for my winter coat after all, and now that I've used up most of my stash this summer it's time to get some new stuff. There were about 160 stalls, and to be a bit more focused than last time, I made a list of what I needed. I am proud to tell you I stuck to it for the most part! It wasn't even that hard, I know by now that if I were to get more than 4 or 5 different fabrics half of it will just not get sewn this winter. And then who knows what my taste will be like next year?

I came upon two fabrics that seemed familiar. I know I've seen Karen make a skirt out of the dinosaur camouflage, and I think I've seen the galaxy fabric somewhere too. Isn't it awesome? This one's silk by the way. You can start drooling now. Check out Spoonflower if you want some of your own.

There was one stall that had lots of gorgeous silks. And you know what? I've decided to treat myself to the one with the feathers. I've been drafting a blouse pattern in my weekly class, based on the blouse I bought. This silk would be perfect for it! It's a great opportunity to learn how to sew with delicate fabrics. And a great opportunity to wear something beautiful :)

These are the fabrics I got. If you follow Delightfully Tacky, you might recognize the cat fabric. She recently posted about a dress from Modcloth, by designers duo Dear Creatures. The one from Modcloth has mustard cats, the one from Dear Creatures' website has red cats. And now I'll have them in rust!  I recognized the fabric and snatched it away immediately. Not exactly on the list, but hey, who can resist at €7,50/yard? It sure beats getting the dress for 103 dollars... The second fabric is a soft knit jersey. Both of these are destined to be Renfrew-like tops. The forest green knit will be a cardigan, and the coarse Norwegian knit has already been turned into a big loop scarf. All in all, I spent only 38 euros for 5.5 metres! Not bad, eh? I didn't buy fabric for my coat, but I did find it. It's just that I found the exact same fabric the day before at the regular market for 3 euros/metre less, so I'll have to wait until next tuesday. Can you guess what colour it is? I'll surprise you, I promise :)


  1. All of your fabrics are positively DIVINE - I love the cat fabric!! What will you make with it??

    1. I'm not completely sure yet! I was thinking a plain longsleeve, but maybe this fabric deserves better. Any ideas?


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