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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pattern Magic Workshop in Amsterdam

For anyone who lives in the Netherlands and who has been enjoying the Pattern Magic series, I have good news for you! Aicha (Lauriana) from Petit Main Sauvage is giving a workshop on Pattern Magic on November 10th and 17th, in Amsterdam.

Pattern Magic Book 1, Musubu

It's a two day course in which you will learn how to draft (day 1) and sew (day 2) your own Pattern Magic garment. Costs are €160,-. Not cheap but worth the money, considering it will give you 12 hours of workshop and the know how to tackle Pattern Magic patterns. Aicha has a lot of experience with pattern drafting and the Pattern Magic principles, so you're in good hands.

Pattern Magic Book 1, Bamboo Shoot
You can sign up here!


  1. Ya me gustaría poder estar en Amsterdam para asistir... por ahora me apañaré yo sola. Gracias por la información (qué casualidad, hehe)

  2. Oh why can't Amsterdam be in Australia?!!!

  3. The bamboo shoot bodice is gorgeous. I can envision it as a top as well, but I would lower the neckline.


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