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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Every wardrobe needs a few basics. When you stop shopping, eventually the time will come when your store-bought shirts will have to be replaced. I've arrived at this point a while ago, but was sort of ignoring it. Sewing basics simply didn't seem like much fun, and maybe not even blog worthy. Or so I thought, until I made this basic striped T-shirt.

Well the pics sprak for itself really - it's a T-shirt :). I could't keep myself from adding some details, hence the epaulettes at the neckline and the hem, with fabric covered buttons. The one at the neckline also hides a small pleat I needed to make in order to keep the bias flat. The bottom one pulls up the hem, creating some a-symmetry. I gotta give you guys something to look at, right? I used the same pattern I made for the basic floral shirt and the polka dots top. We were at a sheep shaving event (yes, really), introducing our sheepdog to her future work objects. I think we were more excited than she was.

Even though it's a simple design, it made me realize I still have something to learn when it comes to bias binding necklines, matching patterns (didn't even give it a try) and choosing the right tension for jersey. And I need to do some study on sleeves, I still don't really get them. The advantage of sewing simple garments makes you focus on perfecting these techniques instead of figuring out a difficult pattern or instructions. I'm already looking forward to my next basic top!


  1. It is really beautiful and I LOVE yellow. :)

  2. I really like the epaulets, particularly the one at the hip! Those jersey bias strip neckline bindings are so tricky, aren´t they? I sometimes turn them into a ´twisted´ binding (off-setting the long edges by 2cm or so, so that it becomes really irregular and un-flat, and it looks like I did it on purpose ;)

    Love the fabric, too. Where did you get it?

  3. Thanks! I got the fabric at the market in Groningen, on sale for just 3,50 a meter! But I don't think it's a very good quality, it's quite thin.

  4. It's gorgeous, I love the tabs! (have to keep that in mind for the future.) I need to make some more basic tops, too.

    I wouldn't bother cutting a jersey neck binding on the bias, though (unless you want the diagonal stripe, which would be cool). There's plenty of stretch in the cross-grain. :)

  5. found it! thanks :)

  6. Haha, cool, what are you going to make?

  7. an even more basic shirt. i need something to wear with my skirts, and as they tend to be pretty loud, the shirt will have to be pretty basic. in compensation, i´m gonna make a serious attempt at matching stripes (fingers crossed)!


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