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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good loot

Excusez-moi for my lack of posting last week! Thoughout the week work and our garden took up most of my time, while our weekends were filled with family visits. I got some great produce out of it all though: the zucchini's are growing like crazy, and our family provided me with lots of sewing supplies.
First, I got this sewing box from my mom. She used it for her sewing stuff, but she doesn't sew anymore. I remember always being fascinated by the way it opens. How cool is this? All my sewing stuff fits in there, and it's so much better organized.

I also got some great leather scraps from Stef's grandmother. She's the one who made my leather bag, and she had some wonderful pieces left. I especially like the blue-greyish ones, and the soft purple ones. These will make for some pretty bracelets! Maybe even combined with the crocheted thingies (no idea what they're called). It would be a shame not to show this meticulous handwork somewhere it can be seen, right? And what about those amazing wooden bag handles? They were hand painted by Stef's aunt, and they will definitely be used for my next big purse. The wool is alpaca, brought from South America by Stef's sister, destined to be a warm bonnet. One could not hope for a nicer family in law!

Funny how those leather pieces are shaped like hides. As if they really came from tiny animals.

I picked up the blue fabric at the market, for - again - just € 1,-! There was nothing wrong with it, apart from some bird dropping which the washing machine took care of. It's a 2x3 metre piece, it seems to be a linen blend of some sort. It's supposed to be a curtain, it has a weighted hem. But think it's excellent material for a pretty sundress, don't you think?


  1. Love the sewing box- they are so convenient!! And the little treasures you got are fantastic, especially the painted handles.

    I can't wait to see what you will be doing with this pretty blue fabric!

  2. the bag handle is lovely! and so is the colour of the blue fabric. i´m curious to see what kind of dress you´ll make out of it. do you have anything in mind already?


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