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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End - UFO's and Misfits

That's UnFinished Objects, not flying saucers, for all of you non-sewists. As you saw yesterday, making your own clothes doesn't neccesarily mean that you wear everything you make. There can be several reasons for this:

1. Ugly sewing

Every garment I sew takes me a step up on the sewing-skill ladder, and the first things I sewed just don't live up to my current standards. Unfortunately, this goes for my Imagine-This shirt. I was really content with it at the time, but all I see now are the wonky seams and the sleeves that have a weird fit at the armhole. Plus the fabric is too thin for this design. I should have at least interfaced the collar. But, as I said, I like the design and might make a second one.  

2. Ugly design
Some things just turn out wrong. I made a skirt I've never shown you. I had an idea and it just did not turn out the way I thought it would. I did try to convince myself it looked allright by wearing it for Christmas. Oh my, have I come a looong way... Before I made the skirt, this fabric had been a dress, also not really wearable. I think this fabric might be cursed. Although I did manage to make a bag and a tab sleeve with it. But what to do with the 1 meter leftover?
3. Wrong style

This seems illogical: why would you make something that is not your style? Funnily, it does happen all the time, also with other sewists. I think has to do with imagination, combined with a lack of personal style. If you see a fabric or a pattern, your imagination sometimes goes it's own way. 'Well this fabric would be really perfect for a nice sundress', you think. The key is this question, which you should always ask yourself: Would I wear this style? Does this colour suit me? The fact that that fabric is perfect for a sundress, doesn't mean it's perfect for you. It seems obvious, but your imagination can get carried away like that. This goes for my jacket. It's a UFO, and I am hereby admitting I will never finish it. Beside the fact that I used a fabric that is not suitable, I already know I won't wear it when finished. I could see other people wearing it, but not me. I had a short 'twee period', but that's over now. And that pastel yellow? Seriously, not my colour. What was I thinking?

4. Nothing to combine it with

If you just sew up every fabric that catches your eye, you could get in trouble. Especially if you don't have a very coherent sense of style and matching colours, like me. Oona gets away with it, but that talent is not for all of us. I find the Summer Green skirt and the Pink Balloon skirt hard to combine with other garments.That's where basics come in handy, but who wants to sew something in dull black when surrounded by pretty patterned fabrics?


  1. I would add "I want to make it" point. Sometimes I know I will not wear something but for some strange reasons really need to sew it. And about point 4, you can always make something new :)

  2. Interesting! I don't think I have that. I just make something without thinking about whether I will wear it all. To know this up front could prevent disappointment! What do you do with the things you make but not wear?

  3. what about giving away your UFO's? maybe someone else would like to finish them? Then they are not wasted :)

  4. Actually, I have been thinking about that!

  5. Like Anio, I sometimes sew something because I want to make it. Sometimes I´d like to try out a new technique or see how a pattern works, but sometimes, it´s much less clear why :)

    Also, I am a big proponent of buying ready-made tops to go with orphan skirts.


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