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Friday, August 5, 2011

Intermezzo - Party Time!

Allright this should be about last years makes and blabla, but first I need a proper celebration. Tonight I'm attending Oona's virtual birthday party, and since I have made only one dress, I had to make another one. Well, create another one I have to say. I had no time to make a complete dress from scratch, so I went through my RTW closet and found this grey dress. I bought it in Paris, about three years ago, and I haven't worn it since. Not once! I like the neckline and the lacey sleeves, but the shape is just outright strange. It has pleats at the neckline, which is nice, but combined with this linen blend it makes me look pregnant. And I don't like the length, it's above the knee or mini for me, everything in between just isn't my thing. Time to do something about it!

Another piece I had lying around was this blouse. The fabric is pretty, but again I only wore it twice. The first time was at Christmas four or five years ago, the last time was at a funeral. Pretty versatile piece I'd say, but it really isn't my style. I thought I'd take this blouse to add some length to the dress.

I wanted to save the hem because it has pretty lace embroidery, so I made a waistband. I unpicked three out of five pleats and made a new seam down the middle to get rid of the weird frontal bulge. The blouse had a blind zipper which was just what I needed, so I transferred it to the side of the dress. And that's how you make something wearable out of two unwearables!

Wearable, but Party Frock? Hm, it definitely needs some styling. Let's take out those fabulous mustard tights! And who says you can't wear a belt for a necklace?

I'm not sure Oona will let me in wearing only solid colours, but I'll just have to make up for it with some vino. Time to go! See you again tomorrow for the serious business.


  1. Wat jij nodig hebt is een like en een +1 button!

  2. Haha :) Ik kan t erin zetten!

  3. Deze jurk vind ik echt tof, draag je die nog wel eens?


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