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Friday, May 25, 2012

MMM '12 #2

Day 11 and 19:  Stripes & Dots Shirt, thrifted cardi
Day 12 and 17:  Loop Scarf, thrifted tunic
Day 14: Work Day: Knitted Norwegian Sweater

Day 15: Work day. Loop Scarf

Day 16: Thrifted and altered men's shirt

Day 18: Hike in Germany. Made this bandana! Fabric leftovers from the Flower Pants

Day 21: Work Day: Altered men's shirt
Day 22: Work Day: Altered men's shirt

This second week it was getting harder to make new combinations. I just don't have that many clothes! I basically wore the same in the 2nd and 3rd weekend of May. I did get a chance to mix things up a bit with the Norwegian sweater. I weaved some elastic through the sleeve cuffs so they don't flap around as much, and it looks a lot better. And I wore the men's T-shirt of day 16 with skinny jeans and heels, a much better outfit than the one in the original post. The weather is great at the moment, so I can finally start wearing some other things. I discovered that I only have a few good-weather things left though! And I have had no time for sewing for the past few weeks, with my 40 hr work week and weekends away. Well there was some sewing, but it ended in tears. NEVER sew when it's that time of the month, ladies...


  1. I like the altered men's shirt with the henley front (how does one alter a man?) but the green sweater is my favourite. The colour really pops. Are you still drafting patterns, or mainly refashioning?

    1. I'm not really doing anything at the moment, unfortunately. The refashioned shirts are from last year.


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