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Thursday, May 10, 2012

MMM '12 #1

Day 1: Thrifted cardigan and floral shirt
Regular work day
Day 2: 2nd hand jacket, batwing shirt and new jeans
All black:  a funeral

Day 3: Knitted kimono sweater (and DIY doily lamp)
Regular work day

Day 4 & 5: Mustard Hoodie
Work day & Off day
Day 6: Overalls with sewn on fake leather kneepatches
Working in the garden! 

Day 7: Thrifted cardigan, refashioned men's shirt
Regular work day
Day 8: 2nd hand altered blazer
Work day, business meeting 
Day 9: All Serger Sweater, altered jeans
Half-off work day
Day 10: Loop scarf
Regular work day, but with new shoes!

Loop scarf close-up

These are the first 10 days of Me Made May '12! As you can see it's a balance between nice outfits (day 2, 8 & 10) and 'just pull something out of the closet' days (day 4&5). There's some new items in here as well. First the store bought items: the mustard scarf and the black skinny jeans. I love them both very much.The scarf is perfect for the office because it's alwasy a bit chilly there.And those jeans really tie my wardrobe together! It turns out my size is actually 2 sizes smaller than I always thought. Who knew! I already altered the grey jeans a little bit, but I want to alter them into skinny jeans too. The jacket from day 8 I got from my mom, who got it from someone else. It's too big, so I took in the back seams and the side seams. And I repositioned the upper front button to pull it a bit tighter around the chest. It has a fun orange lining so I rolled up the sleeves. It's the first time I wore a jacket, and I felt great in it! The loop scarf I made yesterday. I love this fabric, I already had it in mind for a shirtdress (like this one, but with a higher waist and down to the knee), but I thought it's be perfect as a scarf so I got me some more fabric. I'm looking for olive green fabric now because it's a great colour to combine with mustard, as seen here.

Overall I'm liking MMM '12 very much. Day 2 was already a challenge, but luckily I found my batwing shirt appropriate enough for a funeral. I had to recreate some outfits because I forgot to take pictures, but other than that it really makes you realize what items are still missing in your wardrobe. I hardly have any time to make anything with the two jobs I'm working right now, and the garden needs attention at least once a week. Hence the scarf and kneepatches. They hardly qualify as self-made items, but it'll just have to do!


  1. That kimono sleeved sweater is beautiful. Thanks for doing an overview of all your makes. I love your garden by the way, the overalls with knee patches are a great idea!

  2. oh i completely adore the mustard hoodie!! what a terrific piece to have made, i'm so envious!

  3. Is that you in Tilly's market post by the way? It looks a little like you. Cross dimensional doppelganger maybe?

    1. No it's not me, but I know what you mean! I'd never wear a hat like that though :)


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