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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Never ending project - finished!

Bring on the cold and snow, my knitted sweater is finished! I started knitting on november 5th, and finally finished this week. I'm not a very fast knitter, and I also don't see knitting as a very useful activity. I usually only knit when I'm watching some series. This sweater was knit during five seasons of Star Trek DS9 :). There won't be much opportunity to wear it now (I'm wearing a summer dress underneath), but we'll be spending this autumn in Norway, so it'll certainly come in handy!

It's a kimono sleeve pullover, knit in only two identical pieces, back and front. I'ts a very simple T-shape as you can see. I got it from Ravelry, a pattern (written in French!) that I adjusted according to another knitters directions. I narrowed and lengthened the bodice, shortened the sleeves somewhat, and left out the collar.

I really love everything about it! The wide sleeves, the fitted bodice, the bateaux neckline, the cables, not to mention the soft, thick wool. It's always a bit scary at the end, because you have to finish it completely to see what it'll look like. It took me ages and the wool was quite expensive (Rowan Kid Classic), but I think this one will last quite some time.

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