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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sewer's Supplies #1

Since I've been reading blogs about sewing, I've learned not only about techniques, but also about all those things that make the sewing process easier. The sew-and-blog community shares not only it's latest creations but also favourite supplies, notions, brands and other sewing aides. Yes, pincushions are worth blogging about! So let me tell you about mine. Until recently I had only one pincushion (one! how shabby!), but I never saw the need for more. We have very limited space anyway, so I have to keep my sewing stuff at a minimum. Let me introduce to you my first and favourite pincushion!

Isn't it cute? Wait till you hear the story behind it: my ex boyfriend sewed this for me, with help from his mother. How sweet is that? We were together only for a short time but we're still friends, so I don't mind being reminded of him by this cushion. I've had it for six years now, and it has always been sufficient. But apparently, if I may believe my fellow bloggers, one can never have too many pincushions.
Especially when they're pretty to look at. You'll see what I mean at The Sew Weekly's 30 Day Pincushion Giveaway. What I did need was a small pincushion that I could keep close by when sewing. The less movements you need to make when trying to sew a straight line, the more accurate you can be.
So when I found out about wrist pincushions, I had to have one! All you need is some fabric scraps, elastic band and fluff. Now I can keep my fabric straight with my left hand while taking out pins with my right, all in one smooth move!

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