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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sewalong #1

Lets's get started! I'm already lots of posts behind schedule, but this week I've managed to pick my pattern, dye my fabric and get some pretty lining. This pattern (I'm not sure which version I'll make yet) is from the last Burda Easy (spring/summer 2011). The only difference seems to be the lapels.

I'm going to try the €1,- wool on this, although it still smells a bit like sheep (our dog found it very interesting). I chose sunflower yellow, a nice spring color. I am now definitely not using any rules anymore when it comes to colors. As you can see below, it turned out lighter than the dye because it's wool. I found this pretty light cotton at the market to use as lining, and for the lapels. It'd be a shame not to show these cute flowers, right?

I'm hoping to start pattern making and cutting my fabric this week! Stay tuned...

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  1. I think the contrasting lapels will be great. I don't have the nerve to do a jacket. I have enough problems with simple skirts.


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