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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shirt Remake

Again it seems nothing is going on here, but I'm actually working at multiple things at a time, which means nothing gets finished... So let me show you this remake I did.
I've had this shirt for some time now, but I've always found it a bit weird. I bought it in a sale because I liked the fabric so much, but this super-deep clevage? I don't know. It looks allright in this pic, but when I move around it slides to the sides, and then it looks even weirder. So this was issue nr.1. Issue nr. 2 is that because I bought it about two years ago, it's getting thinner at some places, especially high at the back.

First I wanted to pin together the bottom of the clevage, but there just wasn't enough fabric. Then I figured I could deal with both issues if I took the shirt in at the top - it places the clevage higher and I could cut out the thin fabric. This was also an option because of the big kimono sleeves.

It worked out pretty well, I left the bias intact to make a nice hem on the adjustments. I increased the length of the neck seam, so I could do something I wanted to try for a very long time: wear it backwards!

These changes might not be very big, but they can really make the difference. In this case it's the difference between wearing it and feeling a bit weird, and loving it and even having different ways to wear it!

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