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Monday, March 28, 2011

Powder Pink Balloon Skirt

Next on the list was the pink jersey! I thought it was big enough for two garments, but balloon skirts require lots of fabric, and I really wanted to make one. I used this tutorial to get started.

I love how it turned out, cute but easy to combine in different styles: I had two parties of different style the night I finished it. A quick change of shoes and top, and I went from formal/chique to casual/party. And it's unbelievably comfy to wear!

Here's a close-up of the lace, an (again mostly) invisible and slightly skew zipper and the fancy button I thought it deserved. All this fabric makes it quite a heavy skirt , so I used some very nice strong but supple interlining for the waistband.
Let me tell you a little secret (people who know me might not expect this), but when I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballet dancer... This pink skirt reminded me of that, so here's a pic of me making (what I think of as) ballet moves! Hm, maybe it looks more like an oldfashioned ballroom bow... Anyway, at the age of seven, as long as it included pretty dresses and dancing, I was happy! Imagine how deeply disappointed I was when my mother got married in a jumpsuit... Well, at least I got to wear a pink dress.


  1. Oh, I LOVE it! Hmm, I think that needs an extra ! Or two. I am not a big fan of bubble skirts but I love how it looks in that drapey pink jersey, and with the black lace... Yum! Was the interfacing/interlining also a knit?

  2. Thanks! I love that you love it, I love what you make too :) The interfacing is vlieseline H200, suitable for stretch. I got it at the market.

  3. Oei wist je moeder dat van die lange broek :-)

  4. Ja, ik was 5 dus teleurstelling kon ik nog niet zo goed verbergen :)

  5. This skirt is so chic and romantic :3


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