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Monday, March 14, 2011

New Fabrics & Sew-a-long

I'm on a tight budget these days, but when I heard of a big fabric market coming to Groningen, I just couldn't resist. Nothing beats some unabashed sniffing, touching and drooling over pretty fabrics! I returned home after 4 hours, intoxicated by the smell of new fabric and slightly dazzeled by all the colors. I managed to take home almost 12 meters of 6 kinds of fabric, for only 35 euros including matching notions. Not bad eh? I'll show you what I got:

This was the last meter of the green dotted fabric, a light cotton with an embroidered hem. I think I'll make a skirt, combining it with this green poplin.

This is a very stretchy jersey with retro flowers. I'm not sure whether I will turn this into a skirt or a top.

I fell in love with this as soon as I spotted it: little orange dots, on a thin cotton fabric that has a silky shine to it. And for just €1,75 a meter! I also got some thin white cotton for underlining and a matching silk ribbon. This is destined to be a pretty top, for sure.

At this point I noticed that going at this rate, I was going to have a very polka-dotted-floral wardrobe. So I teared myself away from the cuteness, and found this fabric, to be turned into a tunic/men's shirt. It still has some cute gold stripes though.

When I was finally heading out, I spotted this coupon of super soft powder pink jersey. Also cute, but way out of my comfort zone as I never wear pink. Plus it will probably totally accentuate my paleness, but I've decided to embrace that. Ofcourse I had to get back in to get some grey lace to go with it. This piece is so big it could be turned into two garments, maybe a skirt and a long top?

More sewing is on the agenda, as I signed up for my first Sew-a-long! Sherry will be leading us through sewing a jacket without any hand-sewing involved. I thought this would be a great moment to try my first jacket, and to use the wool for my (hopefully wearable) muslin. Contrary to what it might have looked like these past few weeks, I am not tired of sewing yet!

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