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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Most Worn Outfit

The only clothing you see here is what I make. I like to say that I've been wearing something a lot and this is usually true, but it is never what I wear the most. I have a mostly outdoors job, which involves messing with algae and water, hauling pipes, hoses and buckets and walking around on safety shoes. This means that, unfortunatly for my pretty handmade wardrobe, this is what I wear most days of the week:

Sexy, eh? That's a merino wool shirt underneath. To make it even better, I bought myself a real workmen's jacket (always a men's jacket, they don't even make this stuff for women). I was sick of being cold all the time, and this jacket is like my comfy warm cocoon, protecting me from the winter winds and snow. It's cleverly made, with a detachable fake fur body lining and all kinds of handy pockets. The fingerless hobo gloves really finish it off.

This is also why I so desperately needed a good winter coat. I've had the tendency to wear this all the time because I'm never cold in it. Stef doesn't really care what I wear, but there's a limit for him too, and that's this jacket :)


  1. Both Patrones and La Mia Boutique include fairly unique coat/ jacket patterns. For functionality though I'd go with Knipmode. Their older issues (2009 and 2010 specifically) had some cool coats/ jackets. ebay is your friend..

    1. Thanks I'll check it out! My winter coat is finished, but spring is on it's way :)


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