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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures #8

The print on this waistcoat drew my attention right away. I snatched it off the rack before they had even put in in the store. It cost me 4 euro's, well worth the money because it doesn't seem to have been worn much. I've never had or worn a waistcoat, but I felt that this one could be integrated into my wardrobe. As far as I can tell it's handmade in India, but nothing turned up when I googled the label.

As you can see it's a men's waistcoat, with two little welt pockets on the front. To make it fit, I started with taking an inch off both sideseams. I widened the neckline by 1cm, tapering to the center front and 2 cm at the back neckline. I also added two small armhole darts. It can be an advantage not to have to make it very 3D at the front, just a little shaping is enough for me. It doesn't sound like much, but it still took me a couple of hours to make these adjustments. I enyojed working on it and being precise. If someone has made this by hand, it feels good to treat it with care and give it a new life.

I tried it out with two different shirts. I'm not sure if the white shirt is a good idea, it makes the white in the waistcoat look a bit dirty. But I love this style, especially unbuttoned. Again, I need to make myself more slouchy blouses!

The back has a little buckle so you can accentuate the waist more. I'm curious what you think of the result. For me this is really a new kind of garment to wear, but I already feel very comfortable in it. What do you think of this style? Do you wear waistcoats?


  1. I love a good waistcoat! It's a great way to turn a basic and casual shirt into something I can wear to work, especially when has such a nice print as yours. Mine was definitely part of the cake in my wardrobe. Too bad it's too big and worn now. Maybe I could make a new one if you made a pattern. ;)

  2. I don't wear vests myself, but this is very stylish on you. That black and white design is so psychedelic, and the stripes line up perfectly! I like it best paired with the slouchy blouse. Nice score!


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