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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Firetruck Wardrobe #1

Now that our leaving is drawing closer, I'm beginning to think about what clothes to take with me. We just went on 2 week trip with our truck, so I got a pretty good idea what I'm missing and what I should leave behind. Below is something I wore quite often in the evenings. That's some ugly pattern mixing right there :) The sweater is one of my favourites though, and the jersey pants are so comfortable for camping.

So let's see what items I'd like to have, and what options I have for sewing them myself!

I don't really wear shorts at home, but I don't mind wearing them when we're camping. I have one pair at the moment, bought in Spain this spring. I had to radically alter them to make them fit (something I've never done before with RTW), but I liked the print and I had the time. I already have both patterns for the Thurlow trousers and DixieDIY's Movies in the Park shorts. I really like that last version Caroline showed. Not so much the pleats per se, but the option to use a less formal fabric.

Skirts & dresses
I'd love to have a long flowy skirt. I have a maxi dress but it kind of gets in the way when getting in and out of the truck. Megan Nielsen's Cascade skirt would be perfect for this. What I'd like to try is taking out some fabric, give it the volume of a 1/2 or 3/4 circle skirt. It might get off grain a bit, we'll have to see. It should be a light fabric anyway, I'm thinking a rayon blend of some sort. It can't take up too much space! I also finally altered my summer dress from last year: I heightened the waistline and re-hemmed it (pic is pre-hemming). I'm so glad I did, wearing it feels great. The fabric is soft and flowy, a 100% rayon. I think this will be the best choice for summer garments, as you don't have to iron it and I will obviously have no space to hang my clothes.

A jumpsuit has been high on my list for a while. I've actually already drafted one on my own measurements on a 1/5 scale, based on Salme's Playsuit pattern. And I've got my fabric ready, too (Liberty Tana Lawn!). All I need to do is decide how low the legs will be. I'd like them 3/4 or full length, but that makes me look like a carrot because of my big hips. Unless I make the legs really wide, and I haven't got the fabric for that. So I'm thinking I should stick with short like the playsuit.

Well thats what's on my list right now. I've got a board on Pinterest to gather inspiration, too. It will probably get longer and the items I will actually sew will undoubtly be less than planned. I don't think I'll be able to get back on track with the Pattern Magic Project for a while, either. These last two months are going to be incredibly busy with making patterns, preparing the truck, getting rid of all our stuff and finishing my algae job. All very exciting stuff though, so no complaining here :)


  1. When I went travelling recently (tiny old wooden sailboat) the best thing besides shorts and tshirts and my birthday suit (FKK beaches) was a pattern cotton shift dress with a drawstring collar and pockets. It's great by itself, over leggings or jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

    Pack less! You can always thrift something and modify it!

    1. I know, I'll probably want to take too much. Items that can be worn multiple ways are probably best!

  2. I´m a disaster packing my garments...I used to pack most of the closet!
    This if it rains, that if it's cold, that if it's hot ... and so on to infinity! Until I stand before the mirror and I try on a garment and another to see who can be versatile

  3. Can't wait to see your finished playsuit. I love your fabric choice!


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