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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Jade Skirt

It's time to tell you some more about our first pattern! It's getting tested right now, so I'm crossing my fingers that it won't need major adjustments. The sooner it's released, the better, right?

The name
We've been thinking long and hard about pattern names. I wanted some kind of theme and I also knew I did not want women's names. There are too much of those around already. For some reason I really wanted to have something to do with geology because I wanted to honour the fantastic 5 months we spent in Norway last year. But geological terms are not... well... non-geologist friendly I'd say. Eclogite, mylonite, anorthosite... not really names anyone would be likely to remember. Then I came up with gemstones: these are known, easy to pronounce, and they're also rocks! We'll not be getting too cute with it though, don't expect a pattern called Diamond. It also has to sound cool, right.

There are two versions, a mini and a mid-thigh length. I started out with the mini, but when I did a survey about the skirt a lot of people requested a longer version. I was reluctant in the beginning, I didn't think it would work as well. But I'm so glad I listened to you guys, I love the longer version and it makes the pattern attractive to a lot more people!
There is also an optional exposed zipper included. With most stretch fabrics it's not necessary to add the zip, but I'll do a post on this later.

Four sizes
It will be available in four sizes, ranging from EUR 36-42 or US size 8-14. My size charts is numbered 2-5 because the charts does not correspond exactly to the official sizes. I've chosen to do only four sizes to start out with. The next patterns will have the full 1-8 size range. When we're venturing into paper patterns later, it's very much possible that we'll redo this skirt in a full size range too.

It comes with detailed instructions, including diagrams to illustrate some steps. There will be extra (video) tutorials on the new blog to show you how to fold it and to explain difficult steps such as inserting the zipper.

It will be available on a 'pay what you want' basis with an option to get it for free. If you choose to pay something for it, you'll be contributing towards our ability to continue working on our next pattern. We're also aiming for paper patterns, which are a very costly affair. Instead of paying, another option is to exchange the download for spreading the word about the pattern and the company through Twitter of Facebook.

I've said this a lot, but now I can be sure when I say it won't be long before it's available! We're aiming at early August, if all goes well. Leave your email at our new website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know when it's released!


  1. Oooooo, this looks really cute, I would definitely buy it! I am curious though about the sizes- is that a regular size 8 or more of a big 4 pattern size 8? I usually make a 2 or 4 with independent patterns, and I am really hoping this will be in my size😁

    1. My size 2 is 25.5 W and 35.5 H. Size 5 is a 30 W, 40 H. I hope you're somewhere in between!

    2. Yes! My hip measurement is 36", so it should work. I have some great solid knits in fall colors. I really like the style and it is so different than other patterns out there, very modern and cool :) Can't wait to try it!

  2. I'm excited! I'm really proud of you, as you should be proud of yourself!

  3. I'm so going to make one of these! I already have a picture in my head of this skirt in a strong autumn color - mustard, a rusty red, a dark teal - worn over thick and warm tights. Although I'm enjoying summer very much currently I look so much forward to this :-)

    1. That would be perfect! My favourite way to wear it, too.

  4. Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. :)

    It's not in my size, but I'll make one for my 18 year old who also fell for your original skirt when you shared it on your blog. I can't wait to see what else you come out with.

  5. So excited for you.
    I've loved this skirt since I first saw you make it.
    I'm looking forward to making one of my own once it's released.
    All the best with the testing process!

  6. SO SO EXCITING! Congrats on working so hard - it's paid off beautifully, and you should be so proud :)

  7. I SO wanna make up this skirt! Will be in my autumn closet for certain!

  8. I'd love to try your pattern. maybe in color blocking for front :). cant wait for you to launch it


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