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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Föhr Him

Ugh what a bad title :) I couldn't think of anything else. For some reason I felt in the mood to make something for Stef again. I didn't ask him for his opinion, I just found a nice fabric which would make a good combo with his new (2nd hand) corduroy blazer. He's been watching Put This On and felt that maybe he should move on from hoodies to something more grownup.

Hehe, silly face. The pattern is Föhr. I used the same size as last time, but it's more snug this time. Could be because I actually sewed on the 1.5 cm seam allowance. Usually I cut out 1.5 cm, but then sew about 1 cm from the edge. That's not a method, just the inability to estimate the correct distance :) But you keep on learning, and it fits him better this time. I corrected the shoulder adjustment I did last time, but kept the lower armscye. This post by Lauriana was very helpful. On the first fitting I clearly had the problem where due to the lowering of the armscye, it was pulling around his upper arm. There was just enough room in the seam allowance to correct this a bit.

That V-neck could have been done better. I tried twice, and then there was not enough fabric left to fix it. This time I did topstitch the neckline with the triple stretch stitch. I feel more confident now, knowing that it will actually stretch and no threads will break. And there's no stretching while sewing because I decrease the pressure on the foot. Every other seam is serged. I'm very happy with the fit and so is Stef. The fabric has a better drape and a better recovery than the first one. The only problem was that even though there's no wool in it, it was terribly itchy. I put it in the freezer to reduce some itch which worked. It's still a bit itchy, but Stef is wearing it all the time so apparently it's not too bad. Phew! Next time I'll drag him with me to the fabric store, so I can do an itch test before I buy.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! Not many people have entered, so your chances are good. And note that I am not giving away the patterns in my stash! You can pick out any pattern by any Indie designer. Just have a look at their websites and tell me which one you'd fancy. Filling out a survey is not obligatory.


  1. Are the instructions for that Fohr shirt in English, per chance?

    If they are, do you think it would be easy to scale down into a size 10 female? Or do you think I should just stick with my trusty renfrew?

    1. The instructions for me came in Dutch whilke it's a German company, so I guess you'd get them in English. But I wouldn't scale down to a women's size. It's not an extremely well drafted pattern to begin with, to be honest. I'd incorporate the shoulder pieces into a Renfrew if that's what it's about.

  2. This second version DOES fit much better than the first, and having looked at the changes you made now I want to make a shirt for my honey.

    What's this about putting itchy fabric in the freezer? I've never heard this before.

    1. Supposedly it smoothes and sets the fibers. Put it in a bag in the freezer and leave it overnight. I don't know why it works, but it does!


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