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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stretch Stitches

Today I'd like to ask you a really short question:

Does your machine have stretch stitches?

Some machines have multiple stretch stitches, others have just one. With stretch stitches I don't mean stitches that can be used a stretch stitches, such as the zig zag. I mean the ones that are designed specifically for stretch fabrics. Below you can find a few symbols that are used on your machine to depict these.

I am asking because I am finalizing my instructions for the folded skirt, and I want to know how common these stitches are before I talk about them. Doesn't make sense to recommend stitches that not many people have, right? Can you please let me know in the poll below? Thanks!

On another note: next wednesday is Pattern Magic day! If you have a project to share, with or without blog, let me (or Marianna) know and we'll include you in a post.


  1. I have a vintage German machine, but then also a serger. I hem on my Pfaff, using either zigzag (for high stretch, like leggings) or straight stitch set to medium length (for dress necklines)


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