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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reminder: Pattern & Fabric Giveaway

I just wanted to remind you of the giveaway that ends tonight. I found out that people who read my blog in Google Reader might have missed it the first time because I accidently published it a week early, and then deleted it again. When I published again, Reader just updated the old post, so it has not appeared at the top of your feed. Thanks to Megan for pointing this out! And all this time I was thinking you didn't like the giveaway :). Anyway, last chance to enter!


  1. I subscribe via Google Reader and couldn't understand how I had missed your contest. I like it very much. Thanks for letting us know again. :D

  2. I am happy to participate in your survey on patterns. I have made something from all of these designers and I lov them all. I have always wanted to order the cabbie dress by fellow Canadian, Sewaholic. All great patterns and the fabric is to die for.


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