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Monday, August 6, 2012

Giveaway x 2!

To celebrate my 2 year Blogoversaire , I've prepared two packages for you to win! In accordance with the 15:60 challenge they're all made out of scraps. The giveaway is open internationally, and ends on Sunday, August 12th 0:00 CEST.

Both packages contain a matching tote and pincushion and some fabric!

Package #1
Package #2

The totes are lined with unbleached cotton so they can hold heavy things. These scraps are among the oldest ones I have. The dark blue ribbed bottom of pincushion #1 is the first fabric I ever bought. I hand sewed a top with it when I was 15! You might recognize the blue fabric too from Tilly's Loire Valley skirt. I once made a dress out of it. The bottom of pincushion #2 is a leftover piece from my yellow hoodie. The purple flowered and dotted fabrics are quilting cottons.

One is a yard by 60" of orange polka dot fabric with a light sheen. It's beautiful but white and orange do not go well with my pale skintone. The other one is a 45 inch by 1,5 yard fabric with golden threads woven through. I meant to make a button down shirt with this, but it's not really my style. Could be perfect for Fall!

If you'd like to win one of these packages, leave a comment stating:

1. which one you'd like
2. which garment from last year is your favourite (choose here)
3. and a way for me to contact you!

(15:60 #7)


  1. Ooh - I love your perfect blouse and would like to win package 2.

    Email - kateeprice [@] gmail [.] com

  2. I would love package 1, I love the mustard skirt with eyes (the teal folded mini one is gorgeous too!) and you can contact me via :)

    You have done pretty well for only two years I think - a great selection of clothes I think!

  3. I like the Mustard with eyes skirt, the shape, the buttons detail, wearable and a bright color, the perfect mix! If I´ll win, I love the second package. Like you, my skin is sooooo chalky!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. uppppsss I forgot the e-mail!
      masustakeguzkitan at gmail dot com

  4. hey, thanks for this great giveaway!

    i would love to win package 1, really love the colours and patterns of the fabric.
    and my favourite piece is the batwing with buttons, it's so cool!


  5. number one. especially as I could do with a nice roomy tote bag.

  6. 2 years! Congrats! I love your blog, it's such a great inspiration for sewing. I made the folded mini skirt in a very soft mustard fabric (could be your mustard hoodie fabric), so this is my (your!) favorite garment. I also LOVE the mustard hoodie. I would love to win package 1! That blue fabric would be perfect for a nice skirt.

    1. Thanks! But just to avoid dissapointment: there is no extra blue fabric involved, except in the bag. Your mustard skirt sounds great btw, did you buy it at Jan Sikkes? It could very well be the same fabric then!

  7. Congratulations on your two-year blogoversaire! From your projects, I love your puzzle shirt and also your perfect blouse. I would enjoy package #2. My email is egholtrop at gmail dot com.

  8. Happy 2!!
    I discovered your blog few months ago and I really love your creations.
    For the last year, I prefer the 2nd mini skirt and I really hesitate for the packaging but my choice will tend to the 2nd.
    Hope a very long life to your blog!

    Lilaure S (lilaure.s{@}

  9. Joyeux Blogueversaire! (Confession: I never celebrate mine, can only vaguely recall when it is, July?) And thank you for the giveaway. I'm torn between the yellow/black skirt and the Next Year dress, both very cute! And I love Package 1

  10. ooh please put my name in the hat for #1 :-)
    like you i stopped buying clothes two years ago but you are far more productive than me, even with 6 months without sewing! my top 3 in no particular order; mustard with eyes skirt, all serger sweater, cool shirt
    aviewintomyworld [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. It's in the hat :) Just started folowing your blog! Love that wedding guest dress, and how you made a moodboard first. I's interesting to see where inspiration comes from!

  11. Great stuff! I'm a recent devotee so i've got all those back posts to look at :) Package #2 is the one for me. I really liked your Cool Shirt. I know you were undecided about it but it's my style exactly, I had a reputation for spots and stripes combos (I hope for the right reasons). x h[dot]olivia[dot]hart[at]gmail[dot]com!

    1. Welcome! And thanks! Mixing up patterns is fun, right?

  12. Happy Blogiversary! I'm moving soon so trying *not* to acquire things, so please pass me over for someone more deserving of the giveaway---but I wanted to say congratulations! :) I think my favourite of your garments is still the fancy-foldy mini skirt (I will make a successful one yet!---my first try was unwearably tiny) although I love the mustard eyes skirt, too.


  13. Congrats on two years! I love package #1. The tote is super cute, and I'll be honest: I love polka dots ;)

    Do I have to pick only one favorite garment? I love the Puzzle Shirt, and the Smocked Top. They're awesome.

    Contact me at janomakes(a)gmail dot com

  14. Ow, wat mooi! Ik doe graag mee voor pakketje 2, prachtige stof!

    Je zomerjurkje en puzzle tshirt vind ik het leukst, als ik dan toch moet kiezen ;)

  15. Gefeliciteerd!
    I think i found your blog via the mini skirt, but i'm not sure. I also love the Mustard with eyes skirt, the "Cool shirt", the Perfect blouse and the -regrettably failed- maxi skirt. And your wallpaper :)
    I prefer package #1, you can find my mail-adress in my profile!
    Love to read more from you :)

  16. Congrats!!
    I found your blog trough the 2nd mini skirt. And i love it! But if i have to choose my favourite, i would pick the Norwegian sweater. That colour and pattern is just fab! If i would win i'd love the 2nd package.

    You can contact me on: kendy_v1[at] hotmail [dot] com

    Hope to read al lot more interesting posts ;)

  17. I really like both of these equally even though they are so different.
    My favorite garments are the mini skirt and the bat wing with buttons shirt. The shirt looks so comfortable, I would probably wear it all the time.


  18. Happy blogday!
    As Kendy, I found your blog throught the mini skir, I so love it!
    Which package I prefere? .... Hum.... I think the first one!
    My email is: and my blog is
    Have a good sunday evening!


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