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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Found Something

The last few days have been too hot to do anything really. I did sew a dress for the occasion, but it was too hot to bother with pictures. I'll post about that later this week! The best thing to do with this kind of weather is to sit still, have Iced Coffee (made with these) and read. I spied a new (well, it's the 7th edition so I guess I've missed out on a few) magazine that seemed to be about sewing - the big scissors gave it away. I was excited to find a different kind of sewing magazine that wasn't Burda or Knipmode, so I thought I'd share since they provide worldwide subscriptions.

It's called CUT - Leute machen Kleider. As you can see, it's in German but I thought I'd manage. (How funny is that word - Flaschlappen). It's about everything DIY, but has "People make clothes" as subtitle. It's not cheap but you get 144 pages for it. It starts off with a roundup of Etsy and Dawanda funky stuff. The DIY Couture book is listed too. (I WANT IT) See how they use different kinds of stitches in their layout?

It's not a sewing magazine like the Burda is: it has only three patterns: a simple drape-neck dress, a rainponcho and men's swimming shorts. The dress is not that exciting, but the cape and shorts are interesting!

It has (what seem like) clear instructions with pictures and pattern pieces to trace.

Other than patterns, it's got artsy pictured tutorials on how to upcycle plain totes, 5 ways to make your own lamp and ideas on making your own jewelry (nice stuff, you know, nothing with beads and feathers). Apart from that, there's also interviews with independent designers, tricks on how to get different kinds stains out of fabric, a city-review on Amsterdam and a lengthy article about trends (what they are, where they come from, why we follow them) which I'm planning to read to practice my German.

I don't know, this magazine just has something that makes me happy. The same thing happened when I discovered Apartamento. It just seems a break from all that we know and to have a refreshing take on what a magazine should look like and what kind of content it should have. Plus I'm developing a tiny crush on Germany in general. Making German friends in Norway, discovering German blogs, there seem to be lots of cool things going on there. Maybe I should pay more attention to our neighbours!


  1. I've seen this mag on German craft sites before but never browsed it (I don't think the one International mag store in the city carries it). It seemed interesting but I wasn't sure how many pattern/ sizes it carried. What sort of patterns (+sizing) does it have? Can you review some of them (not necessarily make them just show line diagrams etc). The diy couture book is available as pdf downloads off their website. I saw that book in the book store and felt like.. the stuff in there wasn't awesome enough to pay for i.e. similar to all the free diy tutorials/ instructables floating around on the internet..

    1. It carries only three patterns: a draped neck dress, the poncho and the shorts. The sizing is the same as Burda for the bust, but they add a few centimeters for the waist and hip. It ranges between EU sizes 34-42. They have a photo with every step, and I think these patterns are made for beginners anyway. Except maybe the shorts. I wouldn't buy it for the patterns. I'd buy the DIY book mainly for inspiration, but I'm beginning to think I'm up for some more complicated patterns.

  2. There's no German word "Flaschlappen" :-D

    I've seen several issues of the magazine in the store, but never liked it enough to buy it.

    1. Well, I guess they made it up then :) And it just goes to show everybody is turned on by different things!


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