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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewer's supplies #2

Nr 2, you might think, when was nr. 1? Well, back in April 2011. This was meant to be a series of posts. And that is also how long I've been wanting to make a ham and sausage. And so I finally did, because they are perfect for using scraps. I had to select on weight of fabric so they're not exceptionally pretty.

I used the tutorial Tilly just posted. I don't know if they have the right size, I don't have a printer so I transferred measurements from my iPad to paper. The sausage seems about right, the ham is on the small side. I'm not sure the pattern is right, even if you made it bigger it wouldn't be as rectangular as pictured in the tutorial. I stuffed them with the synthetic contents of a pillow. So, not much else to say about these, let's get back to work! 2 days, 2 projects...

(15:60 #13)


  1. I've just spent the last hour going through your archives and I just adore your blog! Yay for almost being done with your 15:60 challenge - your items are fabulous, including the sewing items you've created above - they look spot on to me. I'm super excited to see what your next two projects are!

    1. Yay, you found my blog! Been following you for quite a while :) I still have to start on the last two, and I want to end with a big one... Fingers crossed!


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