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Friday, December 2, 2011

Let's Go Skydiving

Today, I passed the 150 followers mark! WOW! If all of us got together we could do this:

But honestly, I'd rather get together to swap fabric and drink tea. No, make that something with alcohol. Welcome to all of you newcomers who found me via Pinterest, I hope you will enjoy my blog! (My mustard mini skirt was repinned like crazy. And I mean CRAZY - if only 1% of these people actually make the skirt, there will soon be 200 people walking around in it!) And thanks to all of you who were already here, and to the few regulars that leave comments. I love comments!

I was thinking about a giveaway around 100 followers, but then this stampede came by and I missed that moment. Anyway, I don't really have the resources at the moment, so you'll have to get a raincheck on that! And now I leave you with something every decent blogger tries to distract you with when there is really nothing to show: a picture of a cute animal. In this case our dog who helps me press the foot pedall, finds my lost pins for me and checks my hemming from below when I'm fitting something (i.e. begs to be played with).