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Monday, January 3, 2011


The beginning of a new year is traditionally a moment to look back on last year, and to think of what you want to accomplish the coming year. So here's what I learned last year:
  1. I never thought I would enjoy this as much as I do: not only making my own clothes, but also sharing it with others through this blog.
  2. I never thought this challenge would be so easy. Sewing is not always easy, but not buying things is not hard at all. Which makes me wonder if I should even call it a challenge! It sounds good though :).
  3. I've become a much better knitter and seamstress. I learned new techniques, used new fabrics and overall learned to work a lot more accurate. At first, I thought being a good seamstress meant that I would have to start working according to professional rules. Make and use patterns, threading instead of using needles, and so on. But I found out that it works just as well when I do it my own way. All these rules slow down the process, and they take the fun out of it. While fun is what's most important, isn't it?
Here are my goals for 2011:
  1. Find this blog a new, suitable name
  2. Create or post something at least once a week
  3. Get better at actual designing, push myself to be original, and don't be easily satisfied.
  4. By the end of this challenge, I want my wardrobe to consist of at least 75% selfmade clothes. A 100% would be better, but I don't want to throw away clothes I still wear.
  5. I should be able to use each item in at least two different outfits. Being able to make many combinations with one item reduces the volume of your wardrobe considerably.
I could add 'keep learning new techniques, become still better at sewing', but that sort of happens automatically through these other goals. I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants to let out their creative side in a useful way. Besides, being or getting good at something is a great feeling! For me, this is also part of becoming more self-sustainable. If you think about it, there's so much you can do yourself instead of depending on others. It's
weird really, how much you depend on people all over the world to make your goods for you.

At last, thank you all for your interest and support! I wish you all a happy new year, and good luck on accomplishing your goals!


  1. Succes met deze nieuwe ideeen Lisa! Je hebt hele mooie dingen gemaakt! Ben benieuwd naar wat er nog komen gaat!

  2. Nieuwe naam is een goed plan Lisa - gaan we eens over spreken binnenkort!

  3. Lisa, wat heb je mooie dingen gemaakt afgelopen jaar. Jij kan je creativiteit in vele gebieden kwijt.
    Ik volg je blog met veel plezier.
    Leuk om je nieuwe voornemens qua kleding maken te lezen. Dat gaat je wel lukken.
    Nog even een tip over het verven van stoffen (heb ik vaak gedaan): je kunt de stoffen alleen nog maar op de hand wassen omdat de verf af blijft geven. Het tweede is: bv naden die niet van katoen zijn gestikt maar van bv iets synthetisch: deze naden worden niet meegeverfd en blijven hun oorspronkelijke kleur houden.
    Veel succes.

  4. Hello!

    I have just come accross your blog via Burdastyle. I'm also sewing and knitting, and trying to make something once a week. It's funny to see people around the world with the same objectives and challenges! I couldn't agree with your post more.


  5. Waaaauuuw!
    Heb al je post gelezen en je foto`s bekeken.
    Vind echt heel tof wat je maakt en vind je challenge idee helemaal TOP!
    Heel veel suces met je komende projectjes, ben benieuwd wat we allemaal nog te zien krijgen van je.

    Liefs Jessica


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