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Sunday, August 18, 2013

3 years of sewing & blogging

I have to admit I totally forgot my own blog anniversary this year. It was actually more than a week ago, but I can still do the roundup, right? It's really nice to look back at least once a year to see what you've accomplished. For one thing, I wear something handmade every single day! I'd like to not only look at this year, but also at what is left of the previous years. Click on the year to see the complete overview, or on the photo to go to the original post. Here we go!

Year 1
Score: 20 items
Still in the closet: 6
Still wearing: 2

These pants still get worn, one by me, one by Stef. The hoodie has big stains but it's still here because it's kind of my signature piece. And it just might be getting made into a pattern. The dress is still here but hasn't been worn in more than a year. I'm just too pale for it. But now that I look at these pics, maybe I should give it another go?

Year 2
Score: 18 items
Still in the closet: 10
Still wearing: 8

That's better! Although some of those 8 are on the verge of getting tossed out, the quality and style definitely got better. Some of them are still in heavy rotation, like these shown.

Year 3
Score: 26 items
Still in the closet: 25
Still wearing: 12 + 4

This year gets a better overall score, but it's also clear that I'm not wearing any of the things I made for Project Pattern Magic. It was fun making them, but I'm just not a cotton dress kind of girl. I'm not tossing them out yet, some of those fabrics could be made into something else. But hey, I made a coat this year! And 4 items for Stef that he's still wearing.

My closet now consists of 41 handmade garments. Even though I'm wearing little more than half of them, that's pretty cool, right? It does mean that maybe I don't need more than about 30 things to wear. The problem is, I'm an addict now, I can't stop sewing. Maybe I should focus on Stefs wardrobe, since those four items are about ALL he wears :)

What also happened this year is ofcourse Paprika Patterns. We're still finalizing the pattern, we just keep coming up with ideas to make it better. I've stopped trying to set a date and decided we should just keep on working, when it's done it's done. Good thing the Jade is also an excellent autumn skirt :)


  1. Congratulations. And ditto on the pattern being ready when it's ready. Still love that yellow hoodie. XD

  2. Waw! Your stuff looks great! And Congrats on your blog anniversary! keep going it is fun reading your posts!

  3. I sure hope you make your hoodie into a pattern! It's my fav!

    1. Spoiler alert: it will be Paprika Patterns' second pattern!

    2. Yes! I want that hoodie pattern! When can I post about the Jade? I wanna show it off! Waaaahhhhh!

    3. Hehe, not yet! Keep an eye on your inbox :)

  4. Congrats on three years! I really enjoyed how you did your round-up! Very cool! I especially like that you are wearing something handmade every day - I'm attempting to get to that point :)

  5. Proficat met je 3 jaar naaien! Een leuk ideetje om een per jaar een overzicht te maken.

  6. Muchas felicidades... sigue así, que me gusta mucho lo que haces

  7. I would love you forever if you made the hoodie into a pattern! (just saw your comment that it will be the second pattern. So I will love you forever.) And congrats on your versary! I just started my sewing journey for my little family and I am very impressed by 40 handmade garments! Yay you!

    1. Thanks! Just keep on going and you'll have 40 items in about three years ;)

  8. You are a talented seamstress! Pattern development is quite a humbling endeavor :).


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