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Sunday, September 5, 2010

First new item

It has been over a month since I decided not to buy any clothes for a year. So far it has been going well. I have not been tempted at all, just been keeping my eye out for inspirational designs and fabrics. It's comparable to my decision to become a vegetarian (pescetarian, to be precise) six months ago. Making that decision once, takes away many decisions in different situations. Instead of having to make that choice every time you eat - meat or no meat -, you just decide once and that's it. Although I have had some cravings for meat, it's actually quite easy. The same goes for not buying clothes: it's just not an option anymore, so there's no sense in flipping through the H&M catalogue, or paying attention to sales. This one decision takes away all those "shall I buy it or not" decisions, and thus makes life a bit simpler.

Since I don't really need any sort of garment yet, I wanted to make a formal (but cute) purse which I can take to network meetings and other 'serious occasions'. I'm really happy with the colour combination. It's not very complicated, but I tried not to just throw it together like I usually do. And let me tell you a secret: there's a wooden skewer sewn into it somewhere...

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