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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When I started this challenge, I didn't list any specific rules. The idea was not to buy any kind of clothing, at least nothing I could also make myself. But where to draw the line? I decided not to include underwear and socks, but I have to make another exception: jeans. I have only one pair of jeans at the moment. Making a pair myself is not impossible, but I'm afraid the outcome would not be something I would actually wear. I'm quite specific when it comes to jeans, as most people are. The cut of the legs, the size of the pockets, the way it closes around your hips, and yes, the way your butt looks in it is all very important. I could never make something that would meet all these criteria. This is why I decided to allow myself one more pair of jeans!

As for the shoe department: I reckoned I have enough shoes to match various occasions. My boots however are so worn out that I can't wear them when it rains; my socks are soaked within three steps (as you can see from the picture...) I wanted to replace them a few moths ago, but apparently there's something like boot-season, and early summer is not it. I do need boots to go with skirts and for more formal occasions, so this will be exception nr. 2.

One pair of boots, one pair of jeans... What a luxury after these two months without shopping ;)

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