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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dance pants

This post was originally called 'Playing with stripes', referring to the three directions the stripes on my pants are placed in - vertical on the pipes, horizontal on the pockets and diagonal on the waistband.

Until I took my pants dancing (unintended) and we had the time of our life.

I made them a few weeks ago, but I wore them a lot right after I made them, so before I could take decent pictures there were stains all over them. I washed them, thinking I'd make pics after that. But I didn't. Instead I wore them out dancing, and spilled red wine all over them.

(These pics don't do them justice either, but I was in a hurry and had no time to iron them or do some creative posing.)

It was a 90's party, and this outfit (incl. Allstars) totally resembles how I remember the 90's. You know who also rocks low crotch pants? That's right - MC Hammer. I did some modest Hammerdancing myself that night (late that night), and I fully understand MC Hammer's choice of low crotch pants. It gives you all the freedom of movement you need for jumping and swinging your feet like that.

Anyway, let's talk about the pants! My first low crotch pants ever, and I wasn't sure about them until after they were finished. When I saw the fabric at the market (2,50 a meter!) I knew it was destined to be pants. I used the back of a Burda pattern, but altered the crotch height and the length. I copied the pockets from pants I made a few years ago. Needless to say they are very comfortable, and they can be combined with sneakers as well as with some heels.

Well there's not much else to say really, except that I really love making pants. I'm glad they don't require sleeves, for one thing. I think I'm going with high waisted next time. Yay for pants!


  1. These look really good on you! I like low-crotch pants in theory, I even own a pair, but I never wear them out of the house, as I feel self-conscious in them. They require some gutzpah to wear, I think. Yet, they must be very comfortable in this (hot) weather!

    I like how the stripes are going in all directions, and how you matched them up at the CF/CB.

  2. It took me some time to feel comfortable in them, too! But now they're my favourite pair.


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