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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From S to Awesome

Remember the second hand men's shirt I refashioned back in november? Yes? Well, I never wear it. However nice it fits me after refashioning it, it's still just a shirt. Nothing special about it, even the fabric is a bit boring. So, when I saw how Sarah (aka Lyndi, through Burdastyle) had a far better idea for her shirt, I just had to give it another go!

I skipped the lace for it would make my shirt a bit too girly, and instead I just cut the sleeves off, leaving about 8 cm at the shoulders. The collar was left unaltered the last time, and really still an XL size. I took off the upper part of the collar (I had actually already done this a month ago), so it would get a kimono look. I also made some much needed bust darts. With the belt and the standing collar, it made for an amazing change of style in just a few hours work!

Like Sarah, I used the sleeves to make an Obi belt. I interlined it with H200 vlieseline from the market so it wouldn't wrinkle too much. Then I lined it with a gauze-like fabric that's a bit rough, so the belt would sort of stick on. I sewed in some elastic loops and four spare buttons. And voilĂ , a neatly finished sleeve-belt!

And, last but not least, I discovered that the boring buttons actually had a fun backside, white with coloured specks. So I flipped them all, and my new shirt was finished! Not entirely my idea, but I really like it now and have already worn it a few times to work. It just goes to show, don't give up on your unwearables too easily!


  1. Hi Lisa, this is so beautiful :). And you look great with those glasses!

  2. I can't believe I forgot to comment on this! That's what I get for reading posts on my phone :P.

    I love both your stages of this refashion, but I totally get the ordinary-shirt version not feeling "you". The new version looks totally cute and I hope you are getting a ton of wear out of it!

  3. this is great - both on you and as a concept. I think I might go for something similar :)


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