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Friday, March 23, 2012

Giveaway Winner

So, out of the 200+ followers, an astonishing amount of two people wanted my skirt :) Was it the measurements? Or the fact that I admitted that this was not the best skirt I've made? Anyway, I'm glad there were actually two people because that means it'll make someone else happy. Besides the one comment I got, someone else entered the competition through facebook. I assigned her the nr. 2 because she commented after Alice, and then used the random generator.

Tada! Congratulations Judith! She commented that the skirt would be a gift for her niece. I hope she'll give it a ton of wear!


  1. too small for me :(

  2. Too small for me too. Otherwise I would have entered to win it!

  3. That's OK, no need to explain! Next giveaway will be something not restricted to size, so everyone can enter!


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