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Friday, November 12, 2010

From XL to S

I found a great blog through a fellow seamstress (who also makes great stuff by the way, check it out here). Marisa decided almost a year ago to make a new dress every day, with a budget of 365 dollar. That's one dollar a day! She gets her dresses from flea markets and garage sales, and manages to make them work every time.

So when I needed a new blouse for another formal occasion (lots of those these days, trying to find a new job), I decided to make one Marisa-style. A few months back I bought a shirt at Mamamini for 3 euros. I thought I'd only use the fabric because it was a men's blouse, size XL. But instead I decided to adjust it so it would fit me. It was HUGE! It didn't seem to have been worn a lot though, it was still in a good condition.

I took off the sleeves to adjust the shoulders and the side seams. I took in the sleeves themselves, and also shortened the bottom. I did keep some length though, I hate it when shirts crawl up. I also had to sew some figure seams in the back. And tadaa! I have a nice shirt that fits perfectly. I'm thinking of replacing the buttons with some blue ones, the white ones are a bit boring. (Update: check out how I turned this from S to Awesome!)

And check out the new jeans and shoes! I´m very very happy with those. And I´m even more happy to realize that not buying stuff all the time makes you so much more happy when you do buy something.

And I know, the shoes are not boots as I promised. But in return, I´ll try something even more challenging... The question that will occupy me in the coming days will be: is it possible to make your own shoes..?


  1. I'd hire you! (and steal the blouse afterwards)

  2. I did see a book in De Slegte yesterday called 'how to pimp your shoes'....

  3. I'd like to go further than just pimp them. I'd like to make them, with leather, straps, soles and... well whatever it is shoes are made of :)

  4. Great job. You must sew very well. Have you considered trying to make some kind of modified moccasin for your first shoe trial?

  5. I'll think about that! Check in for updates soon!

  6. Well you have to have a lot of expensive equipment to make shoes but you can recover old ones with fabric.


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