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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoe-making, part 1

So, making my own shoes... I don't see the problem, really. It all works out fine in my head. I finally found out what this saying means we have in Holland, about a shoemaker and it's 'last'. I never knew what it was, but now I know it's his most important asset: the last acts as a mold and defines the shape of the shoe. If I want shoes, I need to make a last. Or two actually, one for each foot.

You can keep it simple or be thorough. The first option results in medieval-style shoes, sometimes made out of one piece of leather. I do share their preference for leather straps, but I would like my new boots to be somewhat fashionable though... The second option would entail a years work, and about 1200 euros. If you would like to invest this amount of time and money you could follow a shoe making course. Not really what I had in mind, either.

I think I'll take the medieval shoes as a starting point, and see if I can take them a thousand years into the future.

More about this quest later. But first, in a few days, something I'm very eager to show you!

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