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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another cleanup

I am in this challenge for two months now. It is working for the 'no-shopping' plan, but not for the 'make something new' plan. Part of it is due to the lack of time I have, but a big part is also due to the fact that I still have a lot of clothes. And I still don't wear all of them. Time for another clean up!

These are all my clothes. Or were, because a third is now gone. I made three piles: one with clothes nobody would want to wear, one for the second hand store and one for friends. We have a clothing swap planned for Sinterklaas so I saved some of the good stuff for them. It wasn't easy, deciding what to keep. And I'm not even going all the way, you could still go so much farther than this. But it feels good in the end. I do have some new ideas, now all I need is a few days off.

While selecting I noticed something. I had some shirts that were quite old and still in one piece. I use them at work. I think they're at least 8 years old because I remember buying them. And guess what store they came from? H&M! That was a real surprise, considering the reputation H&M has. It seems all they have now are cheap shirts that fall apart within a month or two. Did they use to sell better quality stuff or was I just lucky?

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